Childhood Autism Spectrum Disorder: Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practice of Health Professionals in Togo  

  • Foli Agbeko University of Lomé
  • Ounoo Elom Takassi
  • Jean Baptiste Ayao Azindje
  • Karilowô Ate
  • Damien Kouvahe
  • Mazama Pakoudjare
  • Mawouto Fiawoo
  • Kokou Nadiedjoa Douti
  • Edem Koffi Djadou
Keywords: autism, knowledge, attitudes, practice, health professionnals, Togo


Background. Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by impairments in behavior, social communication, and interaction.  Objectives. To describe health staff's knowledge, attitudes, and practices regarding ASD in Lomé. Methods. From January to March 2020, we conducted a multicenter, cross-sectional, descriptive, and analytical study on ASD in childhood. A survey was administered to a sample of healthcare professionals in 5 facilities in Lomé, Togo. A questionnaire assessed the knowledge, attitudes, and practices of ASD among 139 participants (pediatricians, neurologists, general practitioners, psychologists, speech therapists, and nurses).  Results.The participation rate was 84.2 % (117 / 139). One hundred seven health workers (91.5 %) had heard of ASD. Inaccurate knowledge was observed: 65.4 % gave a good definition of autism, 73.2 % did not know the autistic triad, the early warning signs (64.6 %), or the age of onset (61.0 %). Only 22.0 % of staff were familiar with autism screening tools. The highest knowledge was significantly associated with being a speech therapist or pediatrician practicing in a tertiary health facility (p < 0,0001). Higher-graded staff also observed better knowledge levels (p = 0, 0128). Concerning attitudes or practices regarding autistic children, 26 of those surveyed (22,2 %) had already screened for ASD, of whom 23 (88,5 %) worked with other specialties in case management. Conclusion. This study highlights inappropriate knowledge, attitudes, and practices among health staff. These findings warrant the need for good initial training on ASD, awareness campaigns, and the setting up a specialized center in Togo.


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