Economic theory meets clinical practice: moral hazard

  • Olga Vasylyeva


Economic theory must be tested by reality to prove that the goal is achievable and reproducible. However, health care economics do not always theorize based on modern-day medical practice, which results in detachment of some economic recommendations from real-life medicine. The theory of “moral hazard†assumes that patients will utilize more medical services if they transfer the risk of cost to insurances. In this article, we will revisit the understanding of appropriate avoidance of medical services and incorporate no-show rate, avoidance of care, and nonadherence into the concept of health services utilization. The primary goal of this interdisciplinary commentary is to bridge economic theory with clinical practice. It is written from the perspective of a clinical practitioner, who applies realities of everyday medicine to economic reasoning. The author hopes that this abstract will extend the field of vision of health care economics.   
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Vasylyeva, O. (2019). Economic theory meets clinical practice: moral hazard. International Journal of Integrative Pediatrics and Environmental Medicine, 4(1), 20 - 27.