Weight in Infancy and Obesity in Children Born Preterm

  • Tetiana Litvinchuk TTUHSC
  • Ruchi Singh Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
  • Christopher T Sheehan TTUHSC
  • Tetyana L Vasylyeva TTUHSC
Keywords: obesity, prematurity, low birth weight, postnatal care


Excessive weight gain in infancy may lead to obesity and its sequelae later in life. Children born preterm have higher associated risk of becoming obese than full term babies. The goal of the study was to examine early weight gain among preterm infants, who later in life became obese. In a retrospective chart review of 37 preterm infants, 27 grew to support a normal weight and 10 became obese. We demonstrated differences in early childhood weight gain dynamics with weight differences between groups noted at 6 months of age that persisted later in life. Increased risk of obesity could be identified very early in infancy among preterm children. Early nutritional consult and attention to weight gain in infancy and early childhood are important steps in obesity prevention.

Author Biographies

Tetiana Litvinchuk, TTUHSC
Christopher T Sheehan, TTUHSC
Tetyana L Vasylyeva, TTUHSC
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Litvinchuk, T., Singh, R., Sheehan, C. T., & Vasylyeva, T. L. (2014). Weight in Infancy and Obesity in Children Born Preterm. International Journal of Integrative Pediatrics and Environmental Medicine, 1, 43 - 47. https://doi.org/10.36013/ijipem.v1i0.13

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